September 20th, 2016 at 2:00am

Here at UF, and like most schools, you find yourself having to do a million and one things with no time to get it all done in one day. By now, exams are in full swing and the “new year new me” attitude has almost completely diminished. Late night study sessions with a side of pizza has become the norm, and with all the things on your to-do list, working out has moved down to the last slot. Let me explain how this outfit is perfect for a day on the go without compromising your style or comfort.

I first spotted this Fashionista in class. When I stumbled upon her during my workout again, I just had to share how you can dress for a day packed with things to do. My favorite thing about workout clothes is definitely all the different patterns of pants you can wear. Instead of a simple black workout legging, try graphicmesh or striped leggings like the ones this Fashionista wore.

Another thing that stood out to me about this outfit was how a few cuts on a shirt can change up the whole look. If you can’t find a shirt with slits on the back like this one, grab an old shirt and cut it up yourself for a fun DIY project! A good pair of sneakers is also a must when running across campus to get to classes and getting your workout on in-between. Athleisure has been a trend for the past two years now, so if wearing workout clothes anywhere but the gym seems funky to you, at least give it a try!

When it comes to my personal taste, I would never try to wear workout leggings or a sports bra to any other place but class. However, I would use this shirt for something other than working out. Wear this punk cut up shirt with jeans and flats for class, a concert or just about any other day-to-day occasion!

Here’s to wearing cute gym clothes to class that it will motivate us to workout after–hopefully.