Whether you go to the gym every day or have made it to yoga class once this summer, you definitely have a go-to outfit. Typically, spandex shorts and an old, worn T-shirt is a go-to. With school back in session, physical health is important and feeling confident and cute is definitely motivating enough to get out of your dorm room and hit the treadmill. So how does one keep up their Fashionista status while breaking a sweat?

This Fashionista and yogi has some tips for a fashionable yet practical look for those days when you are feeling extra motivated to work out. First, it is important to feel breezy and comfortable. Airflow is very important when working out! She wears a printed muscle T-shirt and sports bra to feel protected and covered, yet it is still open and fuss-free. Next, especially in activities such as yoga, leggings are a great option. You won’t have to worry about excessive fabric or accidentally flashing someone as you go down for a downward dog. These patterned leggings are anything but basic, yet they work with a multitude of outfits. Lastly, no workout is complete without a great pair of sneakers. These black sneakers are comfortable, light and supportive for whatever activity you decide to participate in.

So, if you need any help picking out your outfit for the gym, you should be set with this Fashionista’s help! Do not be afraid to stray from your collection of lacrosse T-shirts when packing up for the gym, but remember that comfort and support are the overall most important elements when dressing for a workout!