…And in a blink of an eye summer is over, and it’s officially September. This Fashionista is enjoying her last weekend of “freedom” at the beach before she heads off to college! Running on the boardwalk is one of her favorite things to do. It is a great stress reliever, and she has a great view of the ocean! What could be better? This Fashionista is also studying health and nutrition, and she always says stretching before any workout is a must because it helps loosen your muscles and enhances muscle growth. But of course, she always has her trusty sidekick in tote, her pitbull-lab puppy, Lily! 

This Fashionista is for sure a bargain hunter!  She is rocking her brand new Nike running sneakers that she got on sale at Kohl’s. She also scored these awesome black and white running tights from T.J. Maxx for 15 dollars. What a deal! She paired the tights with a white tank top to keep her cool on her run. Sticking with the color scheme, this Fashionista wore a supportive black sports bar from Fabletics. She is obsessed with Kate Hudson, and her athleisure line fits in this Fashionista’s closet perfectly. She tied the entire outfit together with her GUESS sunglasses. You can never go wrong with some sunnies! 

One simple change to this outfit can be removing the white athletic tank top and adding a black casual V-neck. You could also switch the sneakers out with your favorite black sandals and a purse to dress it up. With this look, you are ready to conquer the day. Changing this “just left the gym” look to a simple and casual athleisure look will be perfect for running errands all day or meeting a friend for a casual lunch. This look will keep you cool and comfortable during you day.

Don’t forget to stay RAD and be FAB!