As summer draws to a close and the new academic year looms around the corner, it can be hard to find the motivation to do just about anything, let alone work out. I know from personal experience that the idea of establishing a workout regimen once you’re back on campus can be less than desirable, but for us Fashionistas, we can use the motivation of stylish athletic wear to get ourselves back in the gym in no time!

The days of bland athletic wear are over (thank goodness!). Think of relatively any color, pattern, and style and there is probably a piece of athletic clothing that fits the description you are looking for. The look this Fashionista is wearing seems to take all of the above into consideration.

On top, her outfit consists of a galaxy print sports bra with a sleeveless, graphic tank top layered over it. Graphic tank tops are really versatile and are a great way to showcase your personality. Pick a phrase or image that you enjoy and sport that look just as you would with a graphic T-shirt in your everyday wardrobe.

The leggings this Fashionista is wearing is definitely my favorite part of the look. The print is eye-catching and bold, yet the cool colors within the pattern give the piece a nice balance of personality and functionality.

The pops of color didn’t end with the leggings either. For this look, our Fashionista also wore a statement berry lip color to accent the colors in the rest of the outfit. Of course, you don’t need to wear makeup to gym, but it’s another fun way to integrate your personality into your workout.

To accessorize her outfit, our Fashionista wore a purple Fitbit wristband. She explained to me that a Fitbit is a really great investment because it tracks your heart rate, counts your steps and all of your daily workout progress is synced up with a smartphone app.

And any workout outfit isn’t complete without a solid pair of sneakers. In her look, this Fashionista wore a pair of green and blue Asics. It’s important to do a bit of research before buying shoes for working out. Check to see which shoes are best for your workout regimen. Doing this will help you to maximize your workout and keep your feet comfortable.

One Simple Change: As with most college students, our busy schedules have us going from one place to another all day long, so it’s important to be conscientious of how to take your look from the gym to another event or occasion. One simple change I would make to take this workout look to a classroom setting would be to add a baseball cap. After a hard workout you may not have time to spruce up your hair before heading to class so a cap will maintain that sporty look, all while hiding your greasy roots.