For those of you who love to work out, you probably have a type of outfit you wear to the gym, whether it’s Nike shorts, tight biking shorts, pants or cropped pants. Going to the gym means getting sweaty in front of a lot of people, sometimes in front of people you know. So how do you maintain your sense of style while also crushing your workout and breaking a sweat?

This Fashionista knows how to rock her workout gear. Her adidas sneakers are not only cute and stylish, but they provide support and comfort when she goes running or does weights at the gym. She also decided to wear her cropped workout pants. These pants are snug around the body and make it easier to workout in. The pants are also stylish and make for a cute gym appearance. The high-rise cropped pants also ensure that the pants will not fall down during a workout. Because the pants are high-rise, they are snug around the waist as well and keep the pants in place. This Fashionista decided to pair her cropped pants with a plain white shirt, making the look simple yet cute. White shirts also don’t show sweat as much–a good thing to remember when you’re going for a workout.

If you’re looking for a way to stay cute while sweating at the gym, it’s safe to go with a plain white or black shirt with cropped pants. The plain colors will prevent sweat from showing through, and patterned pants always add to an outfit.

One Simple Change: If you’re planning on going for a run in really hot weather, such as summer in Florida, trade out the cropped pants for Nike shorts or tight spandex-like shorts.