Summer is finally here, and along with the warm weather, vacations and beach trips comes a popular desire to get back into a regular workout routine. One of the best parts about going to the gym is choosing the perfect workout outfit to help you power through. Sometimes, cute workout clothes are what we really need to get motivated to break a part from binge-watching Netflix on the couch.

One of the best ways to make working out fun again is by incorporating fun patterns, colors and designs into your outfit. Whether it’s bright neon colored shirts, unique patterned workout pants or just your favorite pair of sneakers, what you wear can make a difference. Since, if you look great then you will feel great.

There are a few key pieces to perfect your outfit and ensure the best workout session. As shown in this Fashionista’s outfit, she paired fun white and black patterned workout pants with a simple blue V-neck.

It is important that your outfit is not only fun, but also lets you move comfortably during your workout. Be sure to pick well-fitting workout pants and a comfortable T-shirt that you don’t mind sweating in too much. In addition, your shoes are probably the most important part of this entire outfit. Having the right pair of shoes is essential to ensure you are getting the most support and flexibility for your feet. This Fashionista opted for her pair of Nikes.

There are also some additional accessories that can improve your workouts. Fitbits are a great way to make sure you stay healthy during the summer months, because they are incredibly stylish and go with any workout outfit. Lastly, no workout is complete without your favorite water bottle and an essential pair of headphones to listen to your favorite workout jams. With bright colors, crazy patterns and the right accessories, you will find yourself wanting to hit the gym everyday!

One Simple Change: Need to run some errands before or after your workout? Just switch those crazy patterned workout pants out with some simple black leggings, and change your sneakers with some strappy sandals. You will have the same comfort and flexibility of gym clothes, but with the look of a put together casual outfit.