It’s summertime and if you haven’t started already, then gear up and workout! It’s really the perfect time to indulge in some exercises, now that you Fashionistas and Fashionistos have more free time. Not only do you have more free time but with it being warmer out, it doesn’t matter whether you have a gym membership or not. You can go anywhere outside and the routines are endless (sorry, no excuses!). With your workout, you’re going to need some awesome exercise gear (of course) to make sure you look good while sweating it out.

More and more, I have seen companies offer active wear in their stores. We all know of brands that offer top-notch gear that’s also very trendy such as lululemon and Fabletics. Not only are these workout clothes trendy, but they offer comfort and other qualities that allow you to do your best while working out.

This Fashionista geared up for an intense workout in her favorite active wear brand, Nike. She wore an orange long sleeve AEROREACT running shirt to help keep her cool and also hug her body while speeding up. She matched her top with Nike Pros that she swears by. Nike Pros are spandex that not only help you be comfortable and cool during your workout, but also have so many different trendy styles to match or spice up your outfit. Along with her Nike ensemble, she wore Nike sneakers that are designed for lightweight and comfortable motions. With these shoes, along with many other Nike sneakers, you can customize them on the Nike website to get any look you desire. To top it off, she wore a black and gray baseball hat that is a lightweight and made of jersey material.

Whether you’re working out or doing errands and pretending you’ll workout later, workout clothes are a must in your everyday wardrobe. It’s important to be healthy and fit, so wear clothes that make you look good doing it!

One Simple Change: Change it up with fun leggings! Like I said, workout clothes aren’t just for working out-if you’re just running errands or going to the library, you can still be comfortable and cute, and some statement leggings are the perfect way to do it!