New Year, new me. This is every girls New Years resolution: focusing on getting in shape for the start of the new year. More specifically, this rings true when thinking about the menacing “freshman 15,” which is just yet another scary adjustment to get used to in college. It is every girl’s nightmare to gain it, and there is a relatively simple solution—watch what you eat and go to the gym! Since winter has just begun (at least in Syracuse), we are all hesitant about going to the gym based on all the effort that it takes. If you wear workout clothes to class then you have the perfect incentive to head to the gym and also look trendy while doing it. As for myself, I am not an avid gym goer so this little tip usually works for me.

It just so happens that workout clothes are a fad, so this should be your go to outfit choice anyways. This Fashionista is rocking the exact look that I’m referring to. It is perfect to wear to class and then it gives you the motivation to go straight to the gym – no excuses! Her orange and red sports bra adds a pop of color to her already vibrant look. The attention to detail is flawless with the patterned cropped leggings, Syracuse hat, mesh V-neck tank top and bright pink sneakers.

One Simple Change: If you are considering wearing this outfit to class, which you should, then switch out the baseball hat for a beanie—trendy and warm.