January 1st, 2016 at 1:30pm

Like all genres of clothing, workout wear has evolved considerably in the past few years. It has led to a long-running debate: is workout wear acceptable as daily wear? Is it cheating to don a pair of asset-enhancing lululemon leggings instead of those uncomfortable skinny jeans? With the recent explosion of stylish workout wear, it is easier than ever to ditch the XXL Harvard T-shirt your uncle left at your house last year and your basketball shorts from 7th grade for a functional, sporty look. Brands like Kate Hudson’s Fabletics and Victoria’s Secret Pink offer psychedelic leggings, neon sneakers (or trainers as we say across the pond) and strappy workout tops. Here’s my take on the issue: if you are working out at some point in the day, feel free to wear your athletic gear. A fun outfit can make that 6:00 a.m. spin class a little more bearable.

This Fashionista shows us how to be stylish and sporty in black Nike sneakers, black Lululemon leggings and a Primark hoodie. She looks fresh and fun; ready to go for a run around the park or to brave the crowded streets of London in search of a latte. Our Fashionista chose the all-black route, one I’m quite fond of. However, bright colors are an option as well. Funky patterns and prints are all the rage in the fitness community. Just make sure certain assets aren’t unflatteringly displayed—maybe stay away from checkerboard print or sheer prints.

If you are you are on a budget, have no fear. Head to Target for sleek spandex, cutout sports bras and fashionable socks. With the holiday season (and finals) upon us, it is important to get your physical activity in and keep your stress under control. As Madam First Lady Michelle Obama would say, “Let’s move!” (and look good doing it).

One Simple Change: Trying to meet up with friends for dinner or drinks after barre class? Pack a pair of ballet flats and a NASTY GAL sweater to put over your leggings and you are good to go.