October 9th, 2015 at 2:10am

We all know how exhausting our college lives can get. Balancing a full load of classes while maintaining a social life is hard work. As a college student, I find it difficult to stay fit while keeping up with my everyday schedule. Having always been extremely un-athletic, I deeply admire college students that prioritize working out. Although it won’t be easy, my goal for the semester is to exercise more often.

Exercising isn’t exactly a glamorous activity. With that being said, I applaud all the Fashionistas out there who manage to look stylish while working out.

This Fashionista caught my eye while I was walking along Michigan Avenue. Her effortless and unique take on the traditional “leggings and tank top” look is perfect outfit for working out. The Fashionista adds a pop of color to her ensemble by wearing a bright blue sports bra underneath a plain white tank top. Something as simple as incorporating a bold color with a black and white outfit can be a great way to elevate an overall look. Adding texture is also an effective way to look stylish while exercising. This Fashionista wears a pair of black leggings with mesh-lined cutouts on the side to accentuate her legs. Her black sneakers tie in well with her overall sporty vibe.

One Simple Change: Heading to class after a workout session? Swap out the tank top for a button down shirt and trade in the sneakers for some combat boots to achieve a more school appropriate look.