September 22nd, 2015 at 2:00am

When life gives you lemons, make sure they’re lulu… lululemon that is.

Is your forever-favorite bikram yoga pose savasana (the one where you lay on your back and do basically nothing)? Are you occasionally spotted only strutting into the gym to simply be seen peacin’ out with a very delicious acai bowl? And can you say with a straight face that you don’t perpetually wish that it were socially acceptable to wear lululemon leggings 365 days a year because, well, your butt just looks better?

So, if you’re currently hiding behind that buff body builder or feel a tremendous sense of pride after making it up seven flights of stairs, then it’s time to stop stressing it and sweating it (pun intended)! Embrace your athleticism…or lack thereof.

The athleisure trend is all the craze! Trendy, fun, cool and comfortable, athletic wear has finally made its way into mainstream fashion. With sneakers and sweatshirts making appearances in both Chanel and Alexander Wang collections, the days of needing to be a pro at downward dog to rock a pair of Nike sneakers and a lululemon headband are beyond gone.

This Fashionista treated the D.C. streets as her own personal runway by sporting gym attire around the District. To stand out in a sea of black-clad gym goers, this Fashionista opted for a printed top and standout iris jacket. The bright pop of color is perfect for this transitional time of year. While standard workout gear is necessary, don’t be afraid to take a risk on patterned pants or neon sweatbands. Her edgy look was topped off with some chic sneaks and a modish high bun. It’s vital to personalize your hair, as a low ponytail simply won’t cut it. Messy buns and braids are very in if you want an up-do. But, if you are skipping the gym on this particularly hot day, don’t be intimidated by letting your hair down in all its curly glory. With an oversized gym bag (or school bag) to boot, this trendsetter was effortlessly haute. This Fashionista’s stylistic confidence testifies to the sheer cool factor of athleisure. Fit and fabulous, I have no doubt that this week’s feature will conquer the city one block at a time.

Boys, don’t fret—there’s some lululemon for you, too! Girls, if you spot one of these fashion-forward fellows, make sure you lock him down! He’s got some seriously good taste.

Find your inner zen, grab a kale smoothie to go and parade around in your workout gear all around town.

One Simple Change: Switch out the top half of the outfit for a black long sleeve shirt and a puffy vest. This revamped ensemble is the perfect traveling uniform. It’s easy and cute… who knows whom you might end up sitting next to on the plane?