September 9th, 2015 at 2:10am

Working out can be fun for most people, especially if they know they look awesome while doing it. However, as college students, it’s easy to forget the gym. It takes too much time to change, there’s a lot of schoolwork to be done and let’s face it no one wants to risk that cutie from their math class seeing him or her looking less than their best. It’s important to realize that going to the gym, while simultaneously looking fashionable, is more than possible. This Fashionisto has mastered the art of breaking a sweat without sacrificing his killer style. He has found a great balance between having an effective workout and looking his usual trendy self.

Even though all of his pieces are from different collections and retailers, it’s obvious this Fashionisto has a keen eye for putting together a great outfit! No matter what season it is, New York City is notorious for its residents sporting dark colors. This Fashionisto’s outfit is no exception. His olive green and black lululemon T-shirt and mesh H&M gym shorts are lightweight and breathable; they are perfect for running on a treadmill or lifting some weights. When working it out on the street or elliptical, Nike is always a go-to for footwear. Starting out as strictly an active wear brand, Nike has also become a major fashion trend. This Fashionisto’s monochrome Nike training sneakers match perfectly with the rest of his outfit and also give him the proper support he needs in the gym. His leather Coach messenger bag, which doubles as his gym and school bag, is the best accessory to bring this look together. He’s certainly not letting anything, including breaking a sweat, keep him from rocking his favorite outfits!

One Simple Change: Hitting the gym in between classes? This look is perfect for class as well. As we all know, college students can’t get away with going to class without those heavy books, so switch your gym bag for a backpack and head to your next class feeling refreshed from your quick gym session!