Finding time and motivation to workout can be the most difficult thing for college students. With exams to study for and friends to hang out with it can be easy to set your health and fitness off to the side. In my experience, my freshman year it was difficult to convince myself to work out and instead I maximized on my meal plan with five meals a day and to-go boxes.

Now that I am a year older (not much older but it helps), I find the motivation to workout with three easy tricks: 1. Do something fun like kick boxing, yoga or even a color run. 2. Go with friends! 3. Wear a cute outfit.

This Fashionista models the perfect workout outfit for a college athlete or any student looking to get in shape.  She wears a black compression tank that is perfect for any yogi or a midnight run during a study break. Her knee-length dark gray leggings allow for free active movement while also being a cute option for many different workouts. Her Nike Free running shoes add a pop of color and personality to the look. She ties the look together with a matching light blue headband to keep her hair sleek and out of her face.

One Simple Change: This outfit would also work great for running errands around campus. The addition of a black leather jacket that has a hoodie attached would make the look edgier and stylish enough for walking around school or the city. The headband could also be swapped in for a black baseball cap and sunglasses to tie the look together!