I don’t know about you, but when I’m up in the gym working on my fitness I like to look good too. Especially in college, a lot of not so terrible looking males tend to be residing in the gym the same time as I am. Wearing a good gym fit is the least I can try to do despite my sweaty hair and sticky skin. This Fashionista hit the nail right on the head with this workout gear.

She paired a teal Nike tank top with white and lime green Nike running shorts, as to say I like to match, but I’m not trying too hard for the gym. Her Nike running shoes matched her top perfectly, though not over the top. She also had on a black lululemon full-zip workout top, which everyone knows is raging with popularity as of late.

Running shorts and a workout tank top are always a smart choice, especially when working out in the summer. The full-zip workout top helps if you’re working out in the early mornings before the sun fully rises, and it’s easy to throw in a bag or tie around your waist on your jog home. It’s lightweight, yet formfitting, so it’s really acceptable for any weather. Definitely a fit Fashionista’s must-have item!

One Simple Change: Unzip the jacket and trade the running shorts for a pair of high-waisted shorts and you’ll be ready to run the rest of your errands for the day, or even go to class. Add some aviators and put half your hair up and you looked like you took 30 minutes to get ready instead of three.