Some colleges are known specifically for their academics, some schools are recognized by their victorious athletics and other campuses can be identified based on their ability to party nearly seven days a week. No matter the atmosphere, every university is uniquely distinguished by two signature colors, which their students take immense pride in. Personally, I can’t think of a color combination I enjoy more than green and white. Although, there are some color combinations that are infamously known to be a stylish distraction, similar to the distractions of a college lifestyle. The late nights, crazy parties and exciting events of college naturally create many diversions that students across all campuses can relate to. In between the wild times we share and the hectic schedules we’re all too familiar with, keeping up with a steady workout plan can be difficult. However, a trip to the gym is a great way to maintain focus among the distractions.

I spotted this Fashionisto on his way to workout. He wore a graphic tank top, basic pair of athletic shorts and an aged pair of tennis shoes. The first aspect of this outfit that caught my eye was the balanced contrast between his white top and black bottoms. This Fashionisto had a horseshoe on his tank top, which was another authentic detail that made his workout gear stand out. Well-known symbols, such as a horseshoe, are smart ways to personalize a look because they usually hold a deeper meaning and attract the right attention. Finally, tall socks were a trendy touch to this Fashionisto’s athletic wardrobe.

One Simple Change: Going Greek in college definitely comes with the potential to add interferences into an already busy routine. While all the events might cramp your schedule, don’t let them cramp your style! Turn this workout ensemble into a preppy Greek life look by trading the gym shorts in for a classic pair of Vineyard Vines shorts. Life may be chaotic at times and perhaps your school colors don’t seem like the most fashionable pair, but at least your style will remain on point.