It’s definitely a common occurrence to see someone wearing workout clothes whether they are going to the gym or just casually running errands. Workout pieces are so versatile that they can honestly be worn wherever, whenever. On a college campus, most kids will wear workout clothes to class because it’s typically known as the most laid-back, relaxed option.  And there is nothing worse than being uncomfortable in an hour and 15 minute lecture hall.  But even on a cool summer night when classes aren’t in session, you might decide to take a run outdoors and get a little sweaty. However, that sweat and hard work shouldn’t hold you back from being your stylish self.

I happened to spot this Fashionista jogging around the track. She knew how to keep it comfortable and trendy all in one look.  She was wearing black spandex for her bottoms along with a white cotton T-shirt on top. Under the T-shirt is a plain black sports bra, which is a total must-have when exercising. To make the look more fashion forward, she added a simple olive green colored zip-up hoodie from Brandy Melville. This sweatshirt is very lightweight and perfect for the cool temperatures at night during the summer. It won’t drag you down while working out like some heavier sweatshirts might do.

She was also rocking some necessary workout essentials. These essentials included a pair of metallic gold headphones and a floral patterned lululemon athletica headband. Both the headphones and the headband were the perfect pop of color amongst the neutral based pieces in the look. The headband is the perfect accessory to hold your hair back and out of your face while exercising. The floral print also adds a girly feel to such a sporty outfit.  To complete the look, this Fashionista is wearing her black Nike running sneakers to create for a sleek finish.

One Simple Change: Going straight from the gym to grab lunch with a friend? Replace the spandex with a pair of jean shorts so that it’s appropriate for a restaurant while still keeping the look super casual and comfy.