The secret to bringing yourself to the gym isn’t a future McDonald’s run or even bringing a workout buddy—it’s being excited to get dressed. It doesn’t have to be much, just a new workout top in a standout color or maybe a new pair of kicks. This Fashionista’s workout wear will keep you looking chic while running errands post-workout and is guaranteed to influence you in making 2015 a fitter year.

When it comes to working out, motivation probably plays the largest part in your success. But what you wear also matters. Do cotton T-shirts, baggy sweats and old sweaters sound appealing? While they may be comfy, they most certainly will not influence you to get moving. The right workout clothes on the other hand, do not only wick away sweat and protects sensitive skin, but they will make getting to the gym that much easier. Consider yourself an workout veteran? Gym rats and newbies alike are at risk of falling victim to athletic-apparel offences. So make like this Fashionista and dress weather and activity ready!

Decked out in running gear, this Fashionista is bring street style back to the streets—for a run that is. Since she prefers running in the evening, she rocked a striped, quarter-length sleeve top, ensuring she keeps warm from the nighttime air. She paired this with comfortable, sweat-proof black shorts. They display a pop of white and feature high slits, making them fashionable enough for errands post-run. To keep things monochromatic, she paired neutral, slip-on Converse with the look, so she can get moving and out the door as quickly as possible. Finally, this Fashionista topped off the look with a simple, multi-coloured bracelet. She simplified to one personalized touch in order to keep her baubles safe and to keep them from interfering with her workout.

One Simple Change: Sneaking a workout in just before finals? Don’t sweat it! Keep on the same striped top and throw on your favourite boyfriend jeans, along with sandals. Let your hair down and no one will ever know you just came from a major sweat session!