So, you’ve finally set up a new workout plan for yourself and you’re ready to face your best friend and greatest foe: the gym. What you wear can be a very important factor because it should be comfortable enough that you can focus intently on your fitness goals while still looking nice enough to help motivate you to lug yourself to the gym. You don’t want to focus on just wearing something trendy that may not be practical, but you also don’t want to look like a potato. How do you find the perfect balance?

This Fashionista nailed her workout look. She layered a black graphic tank top with a bright pink leopard print sports bra. The tank top is playful and and the subtle bright pink straps add a great feminine touch. She matched the top with a pair of simple black shorts. Her accessories are understated, but fun. She wore a pair of bright pink Nike sneakers that perfectly accentuated her hint of pink on the top. For jewelry, she kept it simple and small with a thin charm necklace.

I love the way this Fashionista rocks her fun and casual style. By adding pops of color and a sneaky animal print, she managed to make the outfit her own without going over the top. With this look, any Fashionista can achieve their goal, whether that be lifting heavier weights or running their best time!

One Simple Change: Done with the gym and ready for some fun with friends? Swap the shorts for a pair of skinny jeans and trade the sneakers for a pair of sandals to easily transition into some classic weekend wear!