July 31st, 2015 at 2:00am

Workout clothes are probably the most comfortable clothes around. If I didn’t love dressy clothes so much, I would live in them. I always find myself wearing workout clothes to class because they’re comfy and I can go to the gym whenever I have time. College is hard to find time to go to work out, but staying fit and healthy is extremely important. If you don’t have a huge passion for working out, finding time is hard because there’s always something better to do. I find wearing trendy workout clothes makes going to the gym less painful. Nike shorts are always a go-to. They come in so many different colors and patterns.

I saw this Fashionista coming back from a run-in town. She plays on the SUNY Geneseo soccer team, and staying in shape is super important in the summer. She needs to be fit and ready to kick butt this fall. She wears hot pink Nike shorts and a Geneseo Soccer gray Nike dry-fit, long-sleeved shirt. I find dry-fit material is awesome for keeping cool while working out. If it’s cooler out, Nike leggings are another way to keep trendy. If it’s a hotter day you can switch out the long-sleeved shirt with a flowy tank top and you’re ready to take on the heat.

Your outfit isn’t completed without the perfect pair of sneakers. It might take sometime to find a pair of sneakers that are comfortable and fit your feet the best. This Fashionista found Asics to be her favorite type of sneakers. Although style is always important, the material and quality of the sneakers are extremely important. No one wants blisters after an awesome workout.

One Simple Change: Change the long-sleeved shirt with a T-shirt and some flip flops, and you’re ready for a comfy night in with the girls!