July 29th, 2015 at 2:00am

Step foot on a college campus, and you would think everyone is heading to the gym instead of class. It has become socially acceptable to wear workout gear just about anywhere, even if the last place your going to is the gym. How could anyone argue with this arising social norm? My theory is that when you look active, you feel active. So, aside from the undeniable comfort it carries, perhaps dressing in workout attire increases motivation for an anticipated productive day ahead—at least this holds true in my case. I’ll have to admit, I owe it to my Nikes for getting me through some of my longest and busiest days. They’ve embarked the journey through my daily routine more times than I can count, starting with a full day of classes and usually ending with my evening workout. So before you let your activewear deteriorate in the back of your closet, acknowledge the fact that it doesn’t have to be limited to your rare visits to the gym.

Workout gear is constantly shifting to keep up with the latest fashion trends, as demonstrated by this Fashionista. This black muscle T-shirt is equipped with an open back, which allows easy airflow and the opportunity for her to flaunt her strappy sports bra. She paired the lightweight tank top with patterned capri leggings and her favorite Nike Thea’s. She then finalized the look with classic black aviators and a high ponytail.

One Simple Change: Trade the patterned leggings for a pair of dark denim shorts to make the outfit appropriate for a daytime outing like an amusement park or a trip to the zoo.