The life of a college student is not always an easy one to handle. With class in the mornings, work in the afternoon, possible internships and taking a break to have a social life, how can one have time for anything else? The majority of students on campus are only thinking about the excitement of getting back to their beds. Let’s face it; the life of a college student is tiring, which is why maintain a healthy lifestyle and keeping your energy up is so important. Treat your body like a temple now, so you don’t have to suffer the consequences later!

This Fashionista makes sure to get her daily cardio in while keeping it cute and on time to class. Keeping it chic in her mainly black attire, she’s bringing front row spin class straight to campus. The black spandex leggings are an automatic guarantee to a great workout, providing her with full comfort and a slim look in the legs. Spandex has been a popular workout material for decades and is probably one that will never lose its place. Pairing her bottoms with a bright blue tank top and patterned Nike running shoes was another perfect way for this Fashionista to show off the comfortableness in her ensemble. Finishing off the look with a black sweater tied around her waist and pair of shades is a great way to remain trend while still being conscious of the sporadic weather changes. This Fashionista is ready for it all!

One Simple Change: Does your workout have to be squeezed in before an early morning class? Try bringing an edgy hat or beanie to push your slightly sweaty hair under and a side bag to hang your jacket on. Small changes like these can take your look from fresh off the treadmill to playing it smart in this summer heat.