July 15th, 2015 at 2:00am

No one ever said you have to look like a sweaty mess after the gym. (Some of us are just lucky enough to get that look naturally. Sense my sarcasm, please). Fashionable workout gear has been a huge trend for a while now, even sneaking it’s way into our everyday looks, not just gym attire. The outfit that this Fashionista is rocking could go either way, which is what makes it so perfect. It’s a comfortable and practical workout look, but translates well into an outfit you can run around and do errands in or even stop for coffee or lunch.

The loose-fitting black tank top and cropped pants allow you to move easily, which is vital depending on your workout regimen. Layering the top with a fun sports bra gives the outfit a bit more interest. The centerpiece of this outfit is the back of the top where there is an intricate design. There is also the ability to show of the sports bra, giving this look a business in the front, party in the back aesthetic.

Metallic slip-on sneakers are the perfect footwear to switch into once you’re done at the gym. They’re cute, comfortable and show off this Fashionista’s personal style. Obviously, the rest of the accessories are simple. She wears a pretty silver ring, pendant necklace, several really cool stud and hoop earrings, an awesome little neck tattoo and of course, a Fitbit. They’re simple but still stylish and allow this outfit to become more than workout clothes, but an entire look in itself.

One Simple Change: Since it’s summer, this look is perfectly weather-appropriate. But when fall rolls around and the air cools down, throwing on a cute track jacket or windbreaker is the perfect way to transition this look. I’d even suggest finding one in a fun, bright color. You know, to try and hold onto those summer vibes for as long as possible.