If I didn’t love playing dress up as much as I do, I would live in workout clothes. Not only are they the most comfortable thing around, I can run to the gym or squeeze a quick workout in anytime my heart desires. Some people love to workout, while others hate it with a passion. Either way, almost every girl I know loves the comfort and confidence of cute workout gear. This outfit proves I found the ultimate fitness Fashionista.

Every girl should have some fitness clothing staples in their wardrobe weather it is for working out or just a day of running around. A colorful sports bra never let’s you down. Even if color isn’t your favorite, it can add good contrast to the typical workout look. Not only bright colors, but also cool details such as crossed back straps or patterns add interest. Lightweight layers are always a good addition as well. Since it is a hot summer this Fashionista opted for a bright tank top, but for the colder seasons a long sleeve or lightweight jacket over the tank adds warmth while still keeping it trendy. Just because it is sweltering hot outside this summer, don’t give up on those workouts ladies! Getting performance tops and breathable shorts with integrated inner underwear is the key to staying cool while getting your sweat on.

Shoes, shoes and more shoes! I don’t think anything completes a workout outfit t more than a fancy pair of sneakers. Although style is important, make sure the quality and support are good to keep your body happy.

One Simple Change: Does the summer night turn chilly? Replace the bright shorts with the classic mid-calf legging! The mid-calf length looks flattering on all body types. Make sure the fabric is a performance material to allow breathing. Mesh panels on the side ad style and more airflow for these hot months!