Have you had way to much ice cream in the beginning weeks of summer, or are you trying to fit into that little tiny yellow polka-dot bikini? Well, the only way you are going to do that is by hitting the gym in style! Even though many of us, including myself, might feel like everyone is enjoying the warm weather days just lying at the beach, this makes working out seem absolutely dreadful! Since everyone and their mother seems to dread making it through a tough spin class or an energizing Zumba class, let’s think about why summer is the perfect time to break a sweat!

Going to the gym right before you hit the pool or beach will make you feel 100 percent fabulous. The gym is a perfect excuse to get your hands on the endless amounts of cute athletic apparel (Marshalls has cheap yet adorable athletic wear for those on the college budget). Some people think that when going to the gym, he or she should wear oversized, grunge T-shirts and old worn out shorts. This is not the way to burn endless amounts of calories. Fashionistas/os, you shall always look your best and be rocking cute, fun athletic wear. This is an opportunity for you to make a statement. You want to glow while working out as much as you will sweat. When on a run or at the gym you need to feel these three important words: confident, amazing and fabulous

This Fashionista sports a chic-city workout look. Her white shirt fits perfectly throughout every stitch. The white of her shirt brings out her freckles and blonde hair. She wears simple blue running leggings to remain versatile and sleek.

This stylish Fashionista was caught wearing her Converse All-Stars after her workout. This makes her ready to go grab a cup of coffee with her girlfriends. You would never know she just went to the gym with just a simple switch of the shoes. The blue on the sneakers and the white in the star detail tied the whole outfit together, making it match perfectly. Running a half marathon soon, this Fashionista is ready to get in a solid workout while still looking chic!

One Simple Change: Wanting to run some errands with your girlfriends? Change the shoes for bright Nikes and change the blue running leggings for sleek black leggings. This will make for a perfect post workout day of errands.