July 9th, 2015 at 2:00am

While I’m sure most of us at the beginning of summer planned on carrying out an extensive “summer bod” workout plan, we usually call it quits sooner rather than later. I myself have experienced those mornings where in my sleepy haze having a summer bod was nowhere near as high as a priority as sleeping. Still it is important to stay in shape and while it may not be enjoyable, use those new lululemon yoga pants as motivation to look good and feel good.

Whether you’re a gym rat, runner or yogi, this Fashionista’s workout attire will inspire you to get moving. Her outfit is reminiscent of the one’s shown in Nike’s collaboration with Johanna F. Schneider, who mixes darker colors with solids tops and patterned bottoms. She brings a hardcore appeal by picking the camo yoga pants, which pair wonderfully with her dark gray tank top and of course some classic Nike sneakers. Instead of keeping the whole outfit dark she brings a bit of color through with the bright neon sports bra. This is far from frumpy workout wear that may persuade some of us to stay in a bed a little longer than we should. She makes working out fashionable and that is some motivation we all should adapt to, look good and feel good.

Getting this look is extremely easy and elements can be changed depending on what type of workout you are doing or what you feel most comfortable in. Most importantly, workout clothing must fit well, meaning that it should be tight but not constricting and loose enough to be comfortable without being annoying. That means that some of us may prefer more loose fit cotton workout tops as compared to the tighter fit. Accompany that with some patterned yoga pants, a bright sports bra and you’re ready to go!

One Simple Change: Need to run errands after your workout but not in your sweat stained top? Bring a trendy zip-up for afterwards and leave the sports bra peeking through.