For some people, working out can be a drag but why make it a drag? How one dresses for an event can make all the difference. This Fashionista has even said when she wears an outfit she loves to the gym, she gives her all to her workout and performs that much better. Since it is summer, this Fashionista decided to bring out her summer workout clothes, because summer has officially arrived. This wardrobe includes shorts; the shorts pictured have a leaf pattern throughout them, which makes them so much trendier than just solid shorts. It may come as a surprise that her summer wardrobe includes a long sleeve shirt, but this shirt is very versatile and great for all seasons because it is dry-proof, meaning it absorbs all the sweat! A pop of color can add so much more to any outfit and this aqua blue is great for summertime and someone with a tan.

Big, baggy T-shirts and sweatpants may seem like a good idea when heading to the gym but it is so much more presentable to be in an outfit that matches, and was planned out. Now a days workout clothing is becoming such a staple in every person’s wardrobe because it can be used for many different things such as going to the gym, running errands or relaxing at home. Workout clothing has come a long way in its appearance and many more brands have emerged with great choices.

Adding to this ensemble this Fashionista decided to show her school spirit and throw on a baseball cap that is perfect for mornings when you do not feel like fixing your hair. To complete the look she added a backpack, but not just an ordinary backpack. This bag could be used to throw in a locker room or to shop the day away with due to its nylon material. Items that can be used throughout the day are go-to items in anyone’s closet.

One Simple Change: Want to workout, but then remember all the studying you have to do at the library that is going to keep you up all night? No problem, swap out the shorts for a pair of cropped leggings and throw on your school backpack! You will be comfortable and will still stand out with your bright top.