Most ’90s children would sing along to Will Smith’s lyrics as he’s “playin’ b-ball outside of school,” but not many know that this hit television series theme song has gone viral after a recent blues cover hit the internet. With this being said, I thought it was only fitting to find a Fashionisto that put a twist on Will Smith’s words.

Over the course of my collegiate career I have learned that fashion comes in many different forms. Just because you are wearing shorts and a T-shirt does not mean that you cannot be fashionable. I personally have had my fair share of moments when I am rushing to and from soccer practice trying to get to class on time. Being in a hurry makes it difficult to do my hair and makeup while trying to put an outfit together. For this week’s post I wanted to showcase my inner athlete and provide you with a Fashionisto who had an inexpensive, MVP workout look.

When I stumbled on this Fashionisto he was contesting some moves at the basketball courts. Aside from his killer jump shot, his outfit was nothing but net. His Nike attire is perfectly matched from head to toe. Dressed in a Nike T-shirt, black shorts, crew socks and Nike tennis shoes, this athlete was surely ready for a pickup game at the park. I also admired the scrimmage vest that topped off his look. Carrying a basketball around town is a perfect accessory for any all-star free throw shooter making this Fashionisto a first round pick.

This wardrobe is great for working out in because it is loose fitting and comfortable. A Fashionista can modify this look by wearing women’s Nike shorts, a Nike V-neck and tennis shoes.

One Simple Change: Do you want to wear this look on a vacation? Swamp the shorts for swim trunks and you are ready for the beach. Add some sunscreen to protect your skin and you are ready for some outdoor fun!