There’s nothing that breaks my heart more than seeing a pair of grass, dirt and sweat stained gardening shoes running at five point five miles per hour on the treadmill. I’d explain what the rest of the outfit looks like, but I’ll leave that up to your imagination. Working out is NOT an excuse to put fashion on the back burner, and I’ll tell you why. Sportswear is a hot area in the fashion market right now, and even if you didn’t know this I guarantee you’ve seen it through one of your favorite retailers that sells some variation of the trend. Soccer moms and college students alike have all embraced the athletic trend from sporting the look on quick morning coffee runs to grocery shopping sprees. Even if you can’t afford Nike or Athleta (broke students raise your hands!) there are cheaper alternatives sold at the H&M and Forever 21’s of the world. In fact, sportswear has had such an impact, that these stores have dedicated their very own sections to sportswear. To purchase yoga shorts and sports tops for $10 a piece (on average) from these stores, so there is no excuse for you to neglect your gym fashion!

This girl had it down, I knew the CollegeFashionista gods sent her when I caught her walking into the campus gym. She was the Fashionista who put working it into working out. She also made me want to buy a whole new gym wardrobe. But, because I’m a part of that broke demographic, photographing her awesome gym attire sufficed.

First and foremost, she had on a bomb Nike romper (did you know they even sold these?). It’s such a versatile black piece that essentially any sports bra will work under it. She could have gone for bright and funky, but instead went with a black and white color scheme with a splash of teal accents. She rocked three different patterns on her gym paraphilia from her bag to her headband that all stayed within her color boundaries. Her polka-dot white and black sports bra made her clean white Nike Air Max Theas stand out almost fluorescently on her feet, and she even matched her headband to her post-workout sandals. Sweat clearly did not control this girl’s fabulous factor! Speaking generally here, going to the gym means you’re trying to improve upon yourself. When you look good you feel good so it may be beneficial to put a little extra TLC into your gym outfit. It’ll boost your confidence if you loose the Soffee’s from middle school and exchange for something updated that fits your body and style! Go treat yourself to a nice workout outfit so that next time you get dressed for the gym you won’t sweat it.

One Simple Change: Double this relaxed gym romper as a summer day outfit by exchanging the sports bra for a tank crop top and changing out of the Nikes into a pair of boots. The Nike brand has taken to the streets and will translate well into an urban street style look.