Working out is important for health and stability. It keeps your mind and body alert, helps everything stay in balance and relieves a great amount of stress. For college students, working out can be very beneficial, even if it’s only for 30 minutes every day.

When classes and other extracurricular activities get the best of our time, it’s difficult to fully squeeze every amount of spare time left to get something done before the next day comes around. What other time to get your workout started up again than the summer? There are fewer classes underway; there is less traffic throughout campus. When you are surrounded by nature’s best—beautiful scenery and clear sky—the thought of wanting to going to a gym can easily be changed.

The great thing about workout apparel, contrary to popular belief, is that doesn’t have to be anything elaborate or expensive. The outfit can consist of a simple T-shirt and a pair of shorts, jumpsuit, or like this Fashionisto, an blue adidas Go-To Muscle Tee and a pair of black adidas athletic pants. He adds more style to his outfit by wearing a pair of Nike Air Jordan’s as well as a gold chain and wristband. (Of course, he takes the chain off when working out.) This outfit is great whether for jogging, running or just about anything else.

One Simple Change: Training pants (or soccer pants) are making an appearance in the fashion spotlight amongst college students. They’re comfortable, stylish and easy to wear along with any outfit you may have. You can grab a pair of these and possibly wear them along with a pair of Vans to just create an everyday look for running errands or enjoying an afternoon out.