It’s finally starting to feel like sweet summertime and we all know what that means, it’s time to break out our shorts, sandals, tank tops and bathing suits. Beach vacations and lounging poolside is in the near future for many of us, but for some of us, taking off our cover-up for the first time at the beach or pool after the winter season can be a bit unnerving. Even though we’ve been trying our hardest to stick to (or start) that 21 day cleanse, a piece of hot fudge cake with ice cream à la Mode is sometimes just way too good to pass up, am I right?

So you ate the cake, and maybe even went back for seconds…but we won’t tell anyone because it was totally worth it. You should enjoy the food you love, and if you have an active lifestyle, you’ll end up burning off those sugary calories anyways.

Whoever said it was impossible to look cute while working out, obviously doesn’t know what they’re talking about. To prove my point, I caught this Fashionista after her afternoon run and she was looking quite stylish in her workout gear. The first thing I noticed about her outfit was her adorable patterned headband that actually has a nonslip grip so it stays in place through the duration of the workout. Not to mention, I also love her french braid which are a definite go-to when it comes to working out and being active because they do such an amazing job at keeping all of your hair out of the way. Another thing about this Fashionista’s outfit was her bright pink T-shirt and matching shoes. It’s important to dress visibly if you plan on running near busy roads, so make sure you wear bright colors and attire with reflective gear. She was sporting an armband that holds her iPhone that allows her to track her run using the Nike app and listen to her favorite workout music on Spotify (college students get a great discounted rate). I noticed that she was wearing a Fitbit on her wrist which track your activity and steps throughout the day and this Fashionista had exceeded her daily step goal of ten thousand steps before the day was even over. You go girl! As you can see from this Fashionista, it’s extremely possible to still look fabulous while working up a sweat, so grab your cute workout gear, get out there and do something active today… so you can have your cake and eat it too!

One Simple Change: This outfit is not only great for working out, but it’s perfect to run errands in. To modify this outfit from workout ready to errand running, simply take off the headband to allow some pieces of hair to fall and frame your face, throw on a light jacket, grab your purse and you’re all set to cross off everything on your to-do list in style and comfort!