If you ask me, there is always room in your schedule for a workout to escape from everyday reality. Yoga is that perfect balance of workout and stress relief. Studies show that it is beneficial to your health to take a break from schoolwork, work or any other activities to release some endorphins.

Even though you are sweaty and don’t think you can look fabulous, check again! You can still embrace your own style with workout attire. To be honest, when I saw this Fashionista the only thing that showed me that she was going to a yoga session was the lululemon yoga mat tote she wore across her body. Otherwise, I could not even tell with her wonderful choice of workout gear.

She put together a floral patterned yoga pant with just a simple, pastel pink tank top that had an open back. The simplicity of the tank top really makes the patterned yoga pants stand out and the combo looks amazing! One of my favorite aspects of her look would have to be the lululemon cross-back sports bra she wore underneath her tank top. Not only does this piece tie the entire outfit together, it gives this Fashionista the chance to still embrace her own since of style while working out.

Lastly, to keep track of time and calories burned throughout her workout, this Fashionista wore a purple Garmin watch that totally enhanced her look. Not only is the watch cute, but also it keeps track of her progress while working out. This outfit is perfect for not only the gym, but also if you have to go somewhere quickly after!

One Simple Change: If this Fashionista swaps out her yoga pants for a pair of running shorts with a pattern, she would be ready for a nice run outside on the quad during these beautiful summer days!