WHAT TO WEAR: Winter Wonderland

Do you ever have a hard time deciding what to wear when the temperature drops? You put on a cute outfit that shows off who you are but then gets overpowered by a huge puffy jacket that makes you look like a shapeless marshmallow.

This Fashionista faced the winter weather head on and conquered it, stylishly. She centered her look around her super stretch black skinny jeans, which hugged her in all the right places. She created the holes in the knees herself by cutting a small slit in the knees of the pant and then ripping them further to create the distressed look. She then used one side of the scissor and ran it across the hole to make the rip look frayed.

From there she chose a tight black ribbed turtleneck bodysuit. Bodysuits create a fitted look that is perfect for outfits that you plan to layer on top of. This Fashionista hit the nail right on the head with her look by layering a faux fur vest on top of the turtleneck bodysuit. Her vest brings volume and texture to the outfit that brings it to a new level. Her choices of a turtleneck and fur vest provide her the warmth she needs to go from class to class without the need of an unflattering puffy jacket.

To provide her with even more warmth, this Fashionista chose an adorable gray knitted hat with a faux fur pompom on top. The hat droops down just enough to give that boho vibe, but not too much that would take away from the chicness of her clothing choices. She also chose weather appropriate snow boots that stop at the ankle. Ankle boots made headway in 2016 and were seen from velvet heel booties to leather snow booties, worn by this Fashionista. Ankle boots are great to vamp up any outfit without being the center of attention.

To finish off her winter wonderland look, this Fashionista chose two long layering necklaces with turquoise and silver accents. Layering the brightly colored necklaces on top of her dark turtleneck allowed the color of her necklaces to pop and become the focal point of the outfit.

Her choice of combining slick black jeans with a ribbed turtleneck bodysuit and a faux fur vest brings texture and volume to her outfit. She finishes off her winter wonderland outfit perfectly with a cute knit hat, snow booties, and colorful layering necklaces. This gorgeous Fashionista proves to us all that layering is the key to staying trendy and warm during these harsh winter months up north.