WHAT TO WEAR: Winter Wardrobe Goals

It looks like winter snuck up on us again. The snowfall and ice that was once so magical to you when you were little has become more of a nuisance, forcing you to cancel plans with friends and to crank the heat up in your room. It’s brittle, merciless, and bleak. I clearly remember walking to class one morning on a crisp ten degree day here at Appalachian State. The wind blew viciously, and I actually cried a little bit. The tears then proceeded to freeze on my cheeks, crystallizing my distaste for the winter season. But at least there is one bright spot this time of year: winter fashion.

Winter fashion is so amazing because of the options! Boots, scarves, gloves, cute hats, coats, and sweaters are all fun pieces to work with in your wardrobe. Plus, the choices for layering are absolutely endless. The Fashionista pictured here beautifully exemplifies that. I spotted this awesome girl walking around in downtown Boone, North Carolina doing some shopping. Her long sleeve patterned dress is perfectly muted by her beautiful tan coat. She is also rocking some thigh-high boots (huge trend this winter!) that really complete the look while also providing warmth. Finally, she has tied it all together with a leather tassel necklace, some super cool sunnies, and a Hobo clutch.

So ladies and gents, get in your closet and see what you can put together! You would be surprised by all your options. It is possible to stay warm while still maintaining style. Good luck this winter!