WHAT TO WEAR: Winter Term

This week I’m officially kicking off with some male influence for the first time. This Fashionisto has proven that with a hint of effort and personal flair, guys can pull off some serious style too. This ensemble is a spot-on depiction of his distinguished, smart-casual manner of dress—one that’s easy to shop for and effortless to achieve.

At Elon, we have a month-long course in January, which we students call “J-term,” during which a long walking commute to class can quickly turn miserable in the bitter cold. Winds whip us to and fro, at times making me wish I could literally grow a beard to keep my face warm. Like every winter, this season it’s cold outside! But how do we dress to fight off that wintry chilliness without looking frumpy? The word of the week is layers. Playing with both textures and colors of your layers is a good place to start. This gives you great potential to both stay warm and keep things light-hearted and truly individual.

Timeless colors like black and white always work beautifully in tandem. When it comes to these two, layering one on top of the other creates a foundation upon which you can wear practically anything. This Fashionist’s third layer, this soft turquoise zip-up, keeps the entire look appropriately cooler in blue, while also brightening up the mood with this unique hue. Mixing textures adds variety and keeps things even more interesting, but sticking to a classic one like cotton is also a sensible move.

Once you’ve finally made it to class, roll up your sweater sleeves to not only cool down in a warm room, but also to show off an accessory, such as a classic watch or a tattoo, like this Fashionisto’s. Here’s a fun fact: it’s actually his family crest, with his own unique twist.

When it comes to dressing well as a man, whether college-aged or in the corporate world, owning a closet staple like classic khakis is an absolute must. Finish off this simple yet polished look with a pair of designer kicks, and you are all set to stay both warm and polished.

One Simple Change: To make an easy change from a daytime class to an evening dinner date, swap the cotton zip-up for a blazer in a winter appropriate color like navy or black. For super cold nights, opt for a long overcoat. When left open, this will dramatize the difference in layering already present with your long-sleeve shirt and sweater.