WHAT TO WEAR: Winter Pastels

March 14th, 2017 at 2:10am

I can’t believe my freshman year at University of Washington is almost over! I feel like it was just a couple of months ago that I graduated from high school, and here I am on the brink of my sophomore year scrambling to find direction in life. With this newfound push of making hard decisions and late nights at the library, I’ve seen so many styles change as well.

One of my favorite past times while I’m out eating lunch is people watching, which may sound creepy but I swear, it’s not! From the beginning of the year, there has been a definite change. Whether that be just the seasons changing or even self-realizations, college is a time for exploration and self-determination. Every person who walks by has a story and it can be told through their taste in style. As I was people watching I spotted this Fashionista who is rocking this look!

She beautifully pairs her tailored outer layers with a spunky long sleeve, matching it with some sassy hoop earrings. To keep her warm she has a beige wool trench coat, strategically layered with a thin navy duster coat. I loved this idea, as it adds extra color and dimension to her outfit. The navy and beige almost acts as neutrals, allowing the beautiful pastel of her top to make the statement. Not only does the pastel purple add a pop of color, but its details make it oh so special! The sheerness allows for a hint of bralette to show through, and its ruffles add some softness to the outfit. I love that the ruffles accentuate the neck and wrists; it elongates and brings attention to the face and delicateness of the hands without being too obvious. This pastel beauty also has a slight bell sleeve to it, which is such a cute touch! In addition, she completes her outfit with a pair of white skinny jeans and oxfords. The white jeans are intentionally cuffed once to show off the ankle, but not too much in order to continue the elongation of her leg. Along with that, the brown oxfords keep the look fairly dainty and delicate.

I asked this Fashionista what her inspiration was for her outfit and she said, “spring!” She believes that just because certain colors are associated with certain seasons, does not mean we should limit ourselves to those appropriate. Although the winter weather may make us feel cold and dreary, we can be our own light and embrace different hues. This Fashionista is such an inspiration!

Reaching out to all the Fashionistas across other campuses out there, have you seen or experienced any style changes?