WHAT TO WEAR: Winter Magic

Winter fashion in the Midwest contains an indescribable happiness that makes everyone want to cheer for joy. Yes, of course the end of December is freezing cold but styling your wardrobe for the day brings all the fun. Whether you are heading to work, walking to class, or meeting a friend for lunch, you can make anything look great in the winter.

I for one, love to pull out my big, chunky winter coat, and every single pair of boots I own. For most in the Midwest, scarves are an essential piece in your wardrobe as well. Normally an entire drawer is dedicated to the beloved neck warmers, being that temperatures can reach well below zero throughout the entire winter season.

This Fashionista inspires me every time I see her on campus. She really embraces the bold winter look with oversized sweaters, heeled boots, and fluffy faux fur scarves. Wearing tan Timberland’s, a black large crossbody Coach purse, and a scarf from Target keeps this Fashionista warm from the time she steps outside until she returns later in the evening.

This look can be worn pretty much anywhere. It is sophisticated enough to wear to a meeting but comfy enough to wear to the movies. A top notch part of this look also stems from the high bun in her hair that puts a play on the scarf and sweater. Wearing your hair up gives your audience, aka friends, family, and strangers a chance to see what you have accessorized your outfit with. Winter is all about layering up and staying warm and this look does just that.