WHAT TO WEAR: Winter Look Inspiration

This Fashionista has outdone herself with this must-have winter look that I spotted in Philadelphia. I found this freshman at Temple University exploring the beautiful city. When I saw her outfit, I couldn’t think of a more better outfit to face these cold, wintery months.

Her over-the-knee, black suede boots are a popular trend that has taken over Temple’s campus this season. I personally think that they tie together the whole look, not to mention  they will keep your legs warm from Philly’s cold winter breeze.

Another important piece that throws together this Fashionista’s look would have to be her olive green bomber jacket. This style jacket has been seen this winter in all different colors, patterns, and materials. I love that this old-fashioned bomber jacket has come back from the past and shown itself in the fashion world once again. I hope it is here to stay!

Denim A-line skirts are popular item of clothing that I’ve seen around in all seasons. The cool thing about skirts like this is that you can pair it with a thin crop top in warm weather, and when it gets colder out, you can totally do what this Fashionista did and wear it with a sweater and tights. This type of skirt is perfect for all weather conditions, and I can’t get enough of it.

You can take any of these pieces of clothing that this Fashionista is wearing and match them with what you have in your closet. It’s perfect for a day when you want to take a break from studying and go explore places near your campus! I think for winter looks, the options are endless, and the more layers the better. As you can see, this Temple student is not letting the cold weather get to her too much. Her outfits are spot-on for this season.