WHAT TO WEAR: Winter Fresh

During this past week, NYC was a lot warmer than usual—one day it was in the 60s! There were a lot of people taking advantage of the weather by ditching their heavy coats and scarves. On my way to the library, I spotted this Fashionista walking the same way for a study sesh.

Her style is reminiscent of Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, both very famous for their athletic and model-off-duty looks. Her Yankee cap ($23), Adidas track pants ($70) and ‘Superstar’ sneakers ($80) check off the athleisure trend. Athleisure outfits are sporty pieces worn casually or “leisurely.” This type of style was introduced in 2014 and has been going strong since then. 

The key piece of her outfit was an oversized cropped sweatshirt from Pacsun, which is one of PANTONE’s Spring 2016 colors: serenity. This Fashionista gets inspiration from Instagram and Tumblr, which is obvious because another big trend she’s wearing is long sleeves, like those Vetements hoodies. She is so au courant!

What caught my eye was the subtle color-blocking with the sweatshirt and body suit. This was refreshing to see amidst the cold weather, known to be full of dark blacks and blues. A cool part of this outfit is its versatility because it can easily be worn again in the spring by removing the body suit and parka. Her jacket is from Uniqlo ($80) and can be folded to be put in an included drawstring bag. Perfect for on-the-go layering! For college, a baseball hat and sneakers are #majorkeys to comfortability during study sessions and after long nights writing dissertationsthe struggle.