WHAT TO WEAR: Winter Break

You’re back home, and life is good finals are over and it’s time to finally relax. Winter break poses the perfect time to catch up with old friends from high school and talk endlessly on the past semester. It’s time to let the good times roll! There’s nothing quite like returning home after being away. We get that warm fuzzy feeling, a bit of nostalgia. The first few days even weeks we fill our time with countless activities and adventures. However, as the weeks start to go back, the boredom begins to set in. Nevertheless, anything beats cramming for tests and spending hours upon hours in the library.

If you’re like the vast majority of college students, there is a high chance that you’ve experienced the reality of boredom. But don’t let it get you down. Instead, channel your inner Fashionista/o and rock out the remainder of your break in style. Winter break is the perfect time to shop, amp up your wardrobe, and experiment with new styles and trends. Use this break as a time to perfect your style before heading back to school.

This Fashionista made it her mission to strike free of boredom. She found herself drowning in the endless piles of clothing she received for Christmas, making it the perfect time to reevaluate her style and overall wardrobe. One thing she really wanted this Christmas were dresses that could be worn in the winter time. Living in a city that is known for its frigid temperatures and record-breaking snowstorms, it’s no wonder she wanted some extra warmth.

For this look, she decided to sport one of the many dresses she got for Christmas. She especially liked this one, because it was different than her usual style. This dress is perfect for winter. Its dark muted tones are a great tool to brighten up the paleness of the season. The dress is long sleeved which gives her the warmth she needs to sport this look on a cold winter day. She paired this staple dress with a classic pair of black tights and little black rain booties, which are perfect for shielding the snow and ice. This Fashionista also wore one of her favorite chokers. A simple, yet stylish piece, which compliments the overall look well. And of course, in any city that gets pounded by snow, she had to add a winter jacket. This anorak winter coat is super cute and very stylish, with the zipper detailing in the back. Perfect for adding warmth and style to any outfit.

If you’re like this Fashionista and like to experiment, winter break is a perfect time. Use this break from school as a tool to amp up your style and get ready to wow all your friends once you return. So if you find yourself dying of boredom this winter break, let fashion liven you up and make sure to let your trendy persona shine!