Winter in the New York or New Jersey area typically calls for multiple heavy layers. This has been an unusual winter thus far, with temperatures similar to a normal fall day. Everybody knows that layers are still acceptable in the fall, just not particularly heavy ones. This Fashionisto demonstrates a winter outfit that is both casual and city appropriate at the same time.

First of all, not everybody can get away with wearing large, square framed glasses like this Fashionisto does. Big glasses have become quite the trend within the past two years. Some people end up promoting the nerd stereotype they hold, but this Fashionisto completely rocks them.

Now moving onto his clothes. His bottom layer is a basic grey V-neck T-shirt from H&M, this is the most basic bottom layer to most men’s outfits. On top of the T-shirt, he sports a dark cilantro green cardigan. Cardigans are the essential knitwear all men must own. There have been countless times I have been hanging out with friends by an outdoor fire pit and the temperature suddenly drops. My solution has been to throw a cardigan on; it’s simple, but still trendy. Over this layer, this Fashionisto displays a winter classic, the pea coat. The pea coat has basically had the same look for over two hundred years. The coarse woolen fabric of the pea coat makes it such a necessity for winter wear. The large, oversized collar gives a pea coat its dressy appeal, making it appropriate for almost any occasion. To top it all off, the Fashionisto wraps a multicolored scarf around his neck to protect it from any sudden, unexpected gusts of wind. The great thing about all of these layers is that in warmer weather, they can easily be removed, leaving just the T-shirt.

Now moving onto the bottom half of this Fashionisto’s outfit. He starts out with the ever popular extreme flex jeans from American Eagle Outfitters. This straight jean makes his outfit very versatile, allowing him to do a range of activities in them. Also, the comfort of these jeans is beyond belief. He cuffs the bottom of his jeans, which is a great way to show off his funky patterned socks. Let’s be honest, if your sock drawer does not contain a majority of patterned socks then you are missing out on one of the biggest trends of today. This Fashionisto’s shoe choice is a perfect way to end any outfit. Winter is the season when the boots come out. A good pair of leather or suede boots make almost any outfit look good. By wearing a part leather, part suede boot to add some versatility to the typical one or the other style. This look is sporting many current trends, while wearing an outfit that can work in fall or winter.

One Simple Change: If this Fashionisto replaced his T-shirt with a dress shirt and skinny tie, he’d be even more snazzy and ready to go to a restaurant for a first date.