January 18th, 2016 at 2:00am

It’s winter break! I can finally say goodbye to hours of study sessions and welcome hours of relaxation. Although this is a break, it can easily become stressful. Dealing with your family’s holiday wish list and your own can be a challenge. It’s so challenging that it will make you want to take a getaway from your break. However, spending money on a new wardrobe or an island getaway may not be in your budget. Don’t fret! Wander through your hometown by taking different routes to your favorite hangouts. Also, revamping your wardrobe with thrifted pieces or pieces you already have can brighten your closet. Let’s look into how this Fashionisto paired his look.

Surrounded by branches and forestry, this Fashionisto pairs a thrifted olive green leather bomber with a striped polo shirt. The perfect way to make use of your summer pieces in colder weather is to layer them with sweaters and winter coats. Black jeans are a closet staple. This Fashionisto wore his cuffed jeans tucked into leather boots. These boots add a natural element to the look which complements the leafy scenery.

This Fashionisto wore a green Bass Pro Shops trucker hat atop his head. Slogan hats have gained popularity over the last year and were seen on celebrities like Rihanna and Tyga. It may be time to trade in winter beanies for these outspoken accessories. To finish his this look is his confidence. Overall, his outfit includes different elements. However, confidence is the ultimate accessory that exudes through any look.

One Simple Change: Swap out the bomber and cap for a trench coat and wide brim fedora for a more polished weekend look.