December 30th, 2015 at 2:00am

‘Tis the season for flannels. Winter is here the snow is falling and the new year is just around the corner. You might’ve just gotten through treacherous finals and almost gave up on life, but hey! That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give up on being stylish and put together when you go to all the family holiday parties. Maybe if you look half way decent you won’t get as many questions from your family about school or your love life or why you have holes in your jeans.

Flannels are warm comfy and trendy. I think everyone has a flannel or wants one at least. They are a must have article of clothing. You can layer under the flannel by putting a T-shirt underneath or you can even put a jacket or cardigan over the top of the flannel. That is why they are perfect for this time of year. He paired his flannel with some cool olive green boots—definitely a must for the chilly snow. The color of these boots add just enough color to the outfit. His hair is in a sweet man bun. C’mon who doesn’t love a good man bun? I know I do. The color combination of his flannel goes so well together.

The way he put this outfit together with his man bun is ideal for winter and staying fashionable. This outfit is comfy and casual, perfect for holiday parties and holiday get-togethers.

One Simple Change: Lets say you get really cold. Put a cardigan over your flannel. It adds layers for warmth and layers for style. “You get the best of both worlds” -Hannah Montanna