Hello Fashionistas/o’s! This months article is going to be all about wearing black on black with a white touch. The color black is a staple in my wardrobe and I find that it is the easier to pair items with for any season. The fashion season is now changing from fall into winter! Fall is all about deep oranges, reds, and neutrals. Winters colors are a little more cool. I notice more and more people breaking out their black and white staples pieces and pairing them simply. Creating in outfit that is versatile all while trend is a hard feat to accomplish. This outfit can be worn out on on the town with friends or to a trendy soiree. If worn to either occasion, you’lll be sure to stand out! This creates a trendy outfit all while keeping you warm for those chilly winter days.

This Fashionisto created this look with a couple staple items from his wardrobe. Using bold pieces such as his leather jacket and boots then building upon that. Pairing a leather jacket with a patterned button down is a great way to add a edgy flare to your outfit. This leather jacket is fitted with silver button details. Under the jacket he paired a simle button down shirt. This button-down is white with black feathers with a slight blue underlay. This fashionisto broke the fashion norms by wearing blue and black. I personally believe, that blue and black can look so great if paired correctly. Leather is trending this season, as you can find leather pants, jeggings, and skirts for women in a lot of stores right now. As for accessories, he tied a necklace with detailed pendants on the end to draw attention to the blacks in the outfit. This also,is a great way to elongate ones body by using a log vertical piece to draw attention down on an outfit. Sticking with the black trend, he paired a simple pair of black skinny jeans for bottoms.

Moving down to shoes this Fashionisto sported a great pair of black high-top boots. Boots and booties are also trending for this winter season.They are being worn more and more, not only by women but men as well. The boots in this outfit really make the outfit complete. Styles such as the “chelsea boot” are becoming more and more popular. The “chelsea boot” is a simple bootie with a sharp curved tip at the front of the boot. Boots such as these are easy to find  if you just check your local shopping mall for stores such as, Forever 21, Nordstrom, and Zara!

I hope this article was helpful for you and leaves you with inspo for the winter months. Luckily right now, stores are having great sales and you can find most of these pieces for a smaller price! Always remember to stay RAD and happy shopping!

One Simple Change: This outfit can be worn both for both day and night occasions. If you are just walking downtown or going out to dinner with friends!  If you are looking to dress this ensemble up just switch the white pattern button down to a black button down. This will keep the whole outfit black which creates a more dressy appeal all while keeping it edgy.