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December 21st, 2015 at 2:07am

The holidays are a great time to incorporate the spirit of the season within your outfit. This Fashionista’s stylish holiday look is classic and traditional with some modern touches. Her look would be ideal for any Christmas parties one might attend during the month of December. The pop of red from the bag catches your eye and brings the whole look together for the season.

The Fashionista’s striped dress and red Michael Kors bag is perfect for the holidays. I really love how the Fashionista’s dress fits her body without being too tight or loose. It’s important to be cautious when wearing horizontal stripes to make sure that it doesn’t widen the appearance of your body. However, these stripes weren’t too thick or distracting and helped her bag stand out even more. To add warmth, the Fashionista added a pair of black tights to her outfit. Additionally, the Fashionista’s stylish black booties are a great finishing touch to her outfit. The pointed toe of the booties elongates her legs and makes her appear slightly taller, especially when paired with her black tights.

The Fashionista’s makeup brings together her holiday look with bold brows and a bright red lip that matches her bag. The light eye makeup brings the focus to her lip color, similar to how her outfit brings out her bag’s color.

One Simple Change: To make this look more unique, you could add a fur vest or more jewelry to dress it up. I love how she incorporated red into her look for the holidays, but this outfit could easily be recreated throughout the winter months by using other colors within your makeup or accessories.