Winter is considered by some to have the best fashion of the year. This Fashionista accomplished a look for winter that is chic enough to be seen on the streets of New York City. Towson University students, like most places and people, step up their game for the fall/winter fashion. This outfit is appropriate because of the cold weather. The sunglasses are necessary from the bright sun and can even act as a shield from the harsh wind. The hat completes the look, since it is a fashion statement this season.

This Fashionista brought her game with a long dark colored winter coat. She is wearing a black bohemian hat, sunglasses, black jeans with a simple horizontal slit for the bend of her knee and is holding a black leather tote. She also stepped up her style quite literally by wearing a black tie-up boot with a heel.

These pictures were taken on a perfect winter day in my opinion. it was sunny, chilly and windy. It creates a beautiful sky and the fallen fall leaves dance around skating on the concrete sidewalks.

This outfit is the picture perfect representation of winter fashion in the Baltimore area. Towson loves the short tie-up boot, and I love the added heel for height. This outfit is appropriate for winter because of the oversized coat and tight pair of black jeans.

One Simple Change: This outfit’s occasion is winter, but it could easily be worn for a girl’s night out. What makes this occasion appropriate for a night out is the high heeled boot. The tote bag is a perfect transition from the Towson campus to a dinner and a drink with the girls.