When losing feeling in our fingers and toes while walking from class to class it’s important to bundle up for the frigid days upon us. It’s always better to unwrap like Russian nesting dolls once you get to class than to freeze before you even get there (it’s in the negatives this morning might I add). Here this Fashionisto seems to be avoiding all possibilities of frostbite with his effortless layers and awesome trapper hat.

Layering is my favorite part of dressing in the winter. This Fashionisto mastered mixing patterns and textures to achieve a great winter look. Here he’s sporting dark denim jeans with a white striped sweater and a nearly hidden fur-lined zip up. On top of that is his brown suede textured coat with more fur lining.  All of this fur is perfect for keeping warm during this time of year. He also added a plain black infinity scarf to add warmth and style.  His Nike Air Force 1 sneakers aren’t your typical colors but really pull this casual look all together. The red accents on his sneakers add a subtle pop of color that catches your eye. This Fashionisto’s trapper hat is my favorite part of this outfit. These bold fur hats are fashion-forward and definitely warm.

One Simple Change:  For any of you guys that want to achieve this winter look with a spin on it, try wearing a plaid flannel instead of the striped sweater. Remember it’s the mixing of pattern and texture that completed this look so any type of patterned shirt/button-up works.