College boys are consistently seen with baggy sweats, cutoff T-shirts and sports team apparel. Being a college student in the cold does not mean you should sacrifice looking good to be warm and comfortable. Looking at this Fashionisto we see that we can have the best of both worlds.

Guys no longer have to walk to class in just a Chicago Bears sweatshirt. Instead, opt for a stylish yet comfortable sweater. This Fashionisto is wearing the perfect ensemble for class that will keep him warm in these harsh, Midwest conditions. He layered a forest green V-neck under a camel-colored knitted sweater. Besides layering for an even better overall appearance, his coordination of colors goes together perfectly, giving off an outdoorsy vibe. The detail in the folded collar on the sweater is more fashionable and interesting than the basic pullover that a lot of men sport.

This Fashionisto’s outfit is complemented flawlessly with a perfect men’s boot. His Timberlands will protect his feet all winter long because of the waterproof leather they are made of. Timberlands are making a big splash this season for both men and women because of their versatile use. They are both stylish and practical.

Boys, take note. This Fashionisto deserves a round of applause for his winter style. He keeps its simple, warm and looking good for his hectic class days.

One Simple Change: To take this Fashionisto’s look from daywear to date night, add a nice watch and add a knee-length peacoat. Follow this Fashionisto’s look and you might have more ladies falling for you than you thought possible.