If you’re super involved in extra curricular activities like this Fashionista, the last thing you want to do on a winter morning is think of something to wear. Because you’ll be in class and meetings all day and night, you must look your best at all times and you have to be comfortable. Since the spring rain has finally arrived and it is here to stay, you also must keep warm.

This busy bee is wearing an everyday favorite. It’s appropriate for meetings, class and a quick lunch date. She has on a classic denim button up shirt. Since it’s long enough to cover her bum, she gets comfortable in black stretchy leggings.

She pairs this look with leather boots. We know it’s rainy and rain and leather aren’t very compatible. She was sure to waterproof her boots before leaving the dorms. Since we can’t seem to escape this weather, she covers her outfit with a thick hooded utility coat.

To accessorize her outfit to meet her busy day, she adds a reversible knit and fur scarf. The scarf’s faux fur lining gives a little sense of glamour to the sensible addition.

This outfit totally works. When she gets to class and she takes off her coat, she still looks stylish.

One Simple Change: Ditch the coat to wear this super cute outfit in the spring. The denim will be the perfect amount of layering for a sunny spring day.