Many start their day the moment their iPhone lets out a sound that brings their sweet slumber to a screeching halt. Getting dressed consists of grabbing the nearest sweatshirt (that doesn’t emit a similar odor to last night’s Chinese food) and running to class just in the nick of time. For this Fashionista her morning is a bit more regimented. As a commuter, her day is planned around the latest train that will get her to class in time. With that said, she carefully arranges the next day’s wardrobe the night before.

The full force of the winter chill still hasn’t set in, allowing this Fashionista to let the world know how well she can rock her ombre Linda Richards Luxury fur vest. This two-toned layering piece acts as the focal point in her outfit. The lighter shades invite warm gold tones into the look and as seen in her accented jewelry and sunglasses.

Personally, it’s always challenging to find a happy medium when showing skin in the winter. Recently, I have found that the crop top and high-wasted pant combination can be the answer to all your prayers. This Fashionista lightens up her heavy multi-textile look by incorporating her white furry crop top from Topshop. Her midriff peek-a-boo allows for just the right amount of skin to make the outfit tasteful and trendy. The two fabrics in the sweater and vest work perfectly in sync, keeping her warm and creating diversity amongst the average pre winter storm looks.

When rummaging through your closet for a perfect pair of jeans, look no further. Urban Outfitters has you covered. Their wide selection of different cuts, style and colors provide variety for all seasons. This Fashionista is wearing BDG’s High-Rise black washed jeans accompanied by Franco Sarto booties. By introducing the black booties it invites solid black shades into the look allowing the Fashionista to incorporate a gold and black statement necklace.

Whether your hopping on a train or walking across campus, it’s always important to allow your style to reflect who you are. Before the winter chill freezes the air and snow blankets the ground, make sure to rock your favorite crop top/high-waisted pant combo. Bundle up babes and stay tuned for new looks and up-to-date styles that can help you revamp your wardrobe.

One Simple Change: Going out to dinner after classes? No problem! Transitioning this look from classroom fab to date night ready can be accomplished with a few small changes. Throw a pair of your favorite heal booties in your bag. This addition will give you some height, elongating your look and helping you demand attention in that restaurant. Don’t be afraid to experiment with makeup. A bold red lip dresses the look up adding a pop of color and an edgy side to your outfit.