February 22nd, 2016 at 2:10am

So if you go to a school where the winter practically never ends, then you know the struggle of selecting what to wear, besides choosing the ultimate go-to—sweats and a hoodie. When you’re trucking to your early morning classes in a snowstorm, you really don’t have much of a choice than to go for comfort. Take a look at how this Fashionisto manifested a comfortable yet stylish look that is perfect for going to class or just for keeping it warm and getting some studying done at the library.

It’s layering season, and this Fashionisto avoided the temptation of a college hoodie and kept it staple with his choice of a Ralph Lauren light blue checkered button-down shirt, adding extra warmth and character with a vest from Zara. To top it off, he added a coat also from Zara to keep him warm from the winter breeze. The addition of the blue in the button-down shirt adds a nice pop of color that brings out the blue in the ripped jeans. Considering this Fashionisto went for a more casual look with the dark denim jeans, it keeps the outfit at ease. To keep the layering from looking overly bearing, he keeps it minimal with a vest to top off the button-down.

If you’re stubborn like me, you try to hold off as long as you can before putting on that big puffy coat, however layering can help with this. Layering is the best way to avoid the breeze slipping through the material of your coat. I think we all question what coat will look best with our outfit. Does this coat match? Does it take away from the chicness? This Fashionisto styles this coat well, keeping it minimal and just right for the look.

Let’s not forget about the Chelsea boots from Clarks that are definitely a staple in the fall and winter. The Chelsea boots inevitably finish off this look, keeping it comfortable yet fashion forward. Whether you’re going for a casual or a more dressed up look, Chelsea boots work for either or.

We all get the hoodie-and-sweats fever, however there are always more fashion forward articles of clothing that we can turn to, and I’m sure it’s all right in your closet. It is now just a matter of pairing everything together well, which we can turn to this Fashionisto for inspiration.

This look shows that a cold winter day does not always call for sweats and a hoodie, you can still keep it warm and modish and be equipped for the snow!

One Simple Change: Get all your homework done? Ditch the vest and casual coat for a blazer or even a sweater and a long overcoat for a night out!